cosmetic medicine


Fine lines, wrinkles and solar damage

We can help with discoloration, fine lines and resurfacing.  If you have been disappointed with the expertise and expense of other treatments, our service might surprise you.  We offer chemical treatments with glycolic and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) that can be very cost-effective.  

Cosmetic injectables - reduce fine lines and restore volume

Dr Mark Chernoff leads our cosmetic team and uses his surgical knowledge of facial anatomy to deliver a meticulous injectable service.  Several products are available to suit your budget and clinical needs.

Cosmetic lesion and mole removal

Removing an unsightly lesion from your face will often leave little to no scar if done by a surgeon with the appropriate training.  Individual results always differ, but your doctor can minimize how noticeable a scar is in several ways.  Book a consultation to see if you are suitable.

Acne and scar treatment

Acne can be frustrating, and if left untreated can cause scars.  Many clinicians brush acne off, but at Robina Village, you can be confident knowing your doctor will aggressively treat your acne using unorthodox methods.

Have a question about a cosmetic treatment?

We have affiliations with plastic surgeons and can arrange no obligation consultations and quotes if we are unable to provide the service in-house.  Book a consultation to have your questions answered.