Skin surgery on the Gold Coast

Surgical Experience and Precision

Have you asked your doctor what experience they have in cosmetically sensitive surgery? At Robina Village Skin Cancer Clinic, we perform over 500 surgical operations per year.  Dr Mark Chernoff leads our team and has the general and plastic surgery experience needed for scar minimization.

Malignant melanoma showing central depigmentation and milky white veil. 
 Copyright Dr Mark Chernoff

Non-Surgical Options


There are many options to treat non-melanoma skin cancers; at Robina Village Skin Cancer Clinic your doctor will describe several therapeutic options and often give you a choice of treatment that suits your budget and lifestyle.

We offer photodynamic therapy (PDT), cryotherapy, and chemical skin treatments.

Amelanotic melanoma. Image copyright Dr Mark Chernoff

Dermatoscopic Accuracy

 Have you ever been concerned a skin doctor is performing unnecessary procedures? You might be right.    

The days of taking a biopsy for every diagnosis are well and truly gone.  Our doctors' diagnostic accuracy with a dermatoscope removes the need for multiple procedures to treat each lesion.



Dermatological Surgeon & Skin Cancer Physician

 Dr Mark Chernoff completed a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Physiology before completing a medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 2010. He began his postgraduate career at St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne where he concentrated on general surgery and plastic surgery. He has since changed the scope of his practice gaining experience in Emergency Medicine in rural NSW, and fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.  He has been an admitting officer in rural medicine, and a Visiting Medical Officer at several public hospitals in Emergency Medicine.  He has extensive skin cancer surgical experience ranging from inpatient hospital operating lists to rural NSW and metropolitan QLD outpatient skin cancer clinics. He performs over 500 surgical skin procedures per year which is more than 99% of all Australian GPs (Medicare audit data).  He takes pride is his dermatoscopic accuracy, surgical precision, and honesty in addressing patient expectations.